Each tutorial consists of a report that contains theory and simulation results on a topic. The reports are written in as visual manner as possible to make understanding easy. The simulation files are available on the e-commerce website Gumroad. Click here for a list of all my work.

Reactive power compensation in three-phase systems

Abstract: This tutorial describes the concept of reactive power compensation in three-phase systems. The tutorial decomposes the load current into an in-phase component and a quadrature component. Using a three-phase Voltage Source Converter it is then described how reactive power is provided.

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Simulation model of a photovoltaic panel

Abstract: This tutorial describes how a PV panel can be simulated with a fair degree of accuracy with characteristics similar to those provided by the manufacturer. The tutorial describes the different factors that affect energy production in a PV panel and how the equations that govern energy production can be solved.

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PI control design with a buck converter as an example

Abstract: This concept describes how to design a controller for a power converter using trial and error method. The objective is to enable an engineer to learn control design in close association with converter operation rather than purely mathematically.

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Phase Locked Loop

Abstract: This tutorial describes the concept behind a Phase Locked Loop (PLL) implemented in software. The accompanying report describes the concept of transformations, rotating reference frames and filters that are used in implementing the PLL.

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